Technical Info

Below shows the top 5 pages we have predicted and preloaded onto the homepage of the user will click to and the probable prediction for each page.  They all add up to 30%.  Thus 30% of the users will get an improved user experience with instant page speed.  This page has over 75 links on it.  The smaller the number of links on a page the more benefit we can deliver.

To see the predictions yourself: “inspect” the page and then click on the Network tab.  In the search box type “preload” and refresh the page.  You will then see the predictions and the probability of the user clicking on the page.


We throttle the number of pages to preload based mobile connection speed.  

  • Under 2G – 1 page preloaded
  • 2G – 3G – 2 pages preloaded
  • 3G + – 3 Pages preloaded
  • Desktop – 5 pages preloaded

The system optimises itself every 15 minutes and can compensate for seasonal traffic variations of a site.

The look back window is 30 days.

Our system is GDPR compliant and no personal data is ever used.