Fast Sites Make More Sales

Our AI predicts where users will browse next and we preload those pages to deliver instant page speed.

“If your site makes $100,000 per day, 1 second improvement in page speed will deliver an extra $7,000 per day.”

Install Plugin

Install Plugin

30 Day FREE Trial
Install our free plug in and see the results for 30 days. If you are happy with the results you can pay our monthly subscription of $4.99.

Key Benefits

Deliver Instant Page Speeds

We make your site faster to load pages. Shoppers are less likely to become frustrated, leave & abandon their cart so your sales increase.

Market Research

Simple Install

Install the app & that’s it! Machine learning self-optimises over 30 days & predicts which pages to load & increases sale dramatically.

Technical Info

Massive Mcommerce gains

Due to unreliable networks, mobile phone users suffer slow page speed the most when shopping. We’ll supercharge your mobile commerce sales.

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How It Works

Our platform predicts where your users will navigate to next & we preload these most likely pages.  When the user clicks they experience instant page speed & have a better experience, they don’t become frustrated & are more likely to complete a transaction


Install our free plugin. Our cloud based AI crunches your users behaviour over a period of 30 days and starts learning immediately.


We create a navigation graph and calculate probability ratios of where users will navigate next.


We create prefetching instruction for each page of the site for files which are likely to be needed next.  We load these pages in the background.

Fast Page Speed

Fast page speed delivers reduced bounce rates, lower abandoned shopping carts, increased conversion rates & higher overall sales.